Hi I was thinking about buying a lovebird and heres the link I want to buy from but I was wondering if it was going to change color since its a baby. Baby lovebirds are typically duller than adults and have different colors on their heads especially. That is a baby lovebird, and looks to me like a dutch blue. My lovebird was a dutch blue and looked like that as a baby.

do love birds change colors

At her first big molt should be around 6months of age you should see some nice little peach feathers grow in on her forehead and her face will eventually become white-colored. Lovebirds DO NOT change color, the color that their feathers are when they leave the nest moult out but return to there original color. Lovebird babies are like mood rings They change colors when they are happy and change colors again when they are sad.

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Update: Oh and tell me if they do change color how long it takes thank you! Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Yes, they do change color!

This is what my dutch blue lovebird looks like now that she's an adult. Goldy Lv 7. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Hello everyone, welcome to the Zoological world, and you are here to know about lovebirds mutations.

Therefore, we have made up a lovebirds mutation guide so that it is easy to explore and understand the concept. The theory of Dominant edge mutation states that it results in diminished production of melanin pigment. As a result, the colours of the feathers become subtle instead of bright colours.

Best 10 Steps, Love birds mutation guide

This mutation also produces curved patterns on the feathers which are present on the back and front wings. Why is it called the dominant edge? Because this mutation produces indent patterns on both sides of the shoulders. Dominant edge mutation has two types. It can occur in the form of the only factor commanding edge mutation, or it can also happen as a second-factor commanding edge mutation.

A bird with a double factor mutation will appear with dull weather and minimal pattern. On the other hand, any bird which displays the single factor mutation will have curved designs on the edges of shoulders and the feathers. The change in colour can also determine it on the chest.

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In the single factor mutation, the birds will still display the original colour. For example, there will be a green colour present in the chest area in the green-bird species, whereas the blue tint can be seen in the blue love birds.

But, in the double-factor mutation, the bird will lose the original colour, or it will fade away due to decreased melanin production, and the dominant mutant colour will appear. For example, the yellow colour will look in the green love birds, whereas white or grey and silver for the blue love birds. Sometimes the love birds mutation is related to the Sex link theory mainly opaline.

But there are no substantial grounds to prove it. Some people also believe that dominant edge mutation is the same as that of Greywing variation, but that occurs in different birds, and the display of colours is also different. On the other hand, the Greywing variation leaves a clear yellow part on the rear.

Also, the primary colour of the Greywing is quite neat and is usually often white. It is a complicated mutation type to talk about, but it is obvious that turquoise is a part of the par blue and is the mutation of parblue. It is mainly the mutation of blue series love birds because it does not occur in the green series, and even in the par blue, there are still some splashes of yellow on the feathers.

There are three things we want to cover, and they are:. We compile these in the love birds mutation guide because many people confuse them and do not know the differences. In the above section, we have told you that turquoise is a part of the blue, so we cannot say that they are different because they are still on a similar allele.

The split par blue patterns occur when we breed a turquoise love bird with a standard green lovebird. If we breed a blue lovebird with a Par blue lovebird, the turquoise colour will fade away.

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Why is it called a possible split? Because we are not sure, the offspring will be Par blue or blue. It is obtained by breeding two Parblues. I know the expected family is Par blue, but they are not. Because we know from the cross pairings, the results can be in the form of blue lovebirds.

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The resulting parrot can carry the turquoise gene, or it will be blue; it depends on the crossing. It is a term used for those turquoise birds that cannot produce the Yellow fur on their feathers.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts. Raffles Active raffles Closed raffles. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Welcome to Avian Avenue! To view our forum with less advertisments please register with us. Memberships are free and it will just take a moment.

Click here. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Will my Lovebird change colors??? Thread starter Tabitha. Brooke89 Sitting on the front steps. Hey there, I just got a 3 month old Lovebird for my birthday this past weekend July 1st is my birthday, but I got the bird on Juny 30th I was wondering My little baby lovebird only has peach near her mouth and on her chest area.

Will her colors change as she grows older? First, congrats on your new lovie!

lovebird changing colors

I am not a bird expert. However my grandma is one, and I do know that all baby lovebird's colors do brighten a lot as they get older.Images: 1. I have a Peach Faced Lovebird I found almost 10 years ago. She's healthy, active, full flight very loveable and never bites honest. These days, she looks more like a peach speckled lovebird. Over the last few months, peach feathers have come out anywhere she's yellow or green.

Anyone know why she's turning colors? Is it an age thing? Thanks fltsfshr. I think it does have something to do with age. I have read somewhere where a Plumheaded Parrot kept changing color as it aged. I just can't recall what the color was that he was showing through. But he was quiet an age.

Ava peach faced lovebird and my very first bird Leroy black headed caique my little moody bird Dusty hahns macaw my clown. I will have to look it up but I am sure it is age related also I know my little peach face looks so different then she did five years ago. Kiss slowly, forgive quickly, play hard. Take chances, give everything you have, no regrets. Life is to short to be anything but happy Barraband And Lovebird - They get along fine.

Parrot Forum's Gallery You can see how much color she's picking up on her chest. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are On. Pingbacks are On. Refbacks are On.

Will my Lovebird change colors???

Forum Rules. My Lovebirds changing color. User Name. Remember Me? Active Topics.With a true genetic mutation, the color changes should appear with the first growth of juvenile plumage, or perhaps with the second growth of feathers. Cockatiels with severe liver disease, often caused by fatty liver syndrome hepatic lipidosismay develop bright yellow feathers. Normal grey cockatiels may show bright yellow feathers where white feathers formerly were.

This type of color change is most obvious in lutino cockatiels, which normally have variable degrees of yellow wash to their wing and body feathers. If a cockatiel suddenly appears more yellow, this can be a sign of serious liver problems.

Certain viruses can also cause abnormal feathers; however, this is not a common occurrence. The virus responsible for psittacine beak and feather disease, PBFD, may cause feathers to grow in abnormally colored. For example, some African grey parrots with PBFD will show a number of red body or wing feathers although other things can also cause red feathers on a grey. Nutritional problems have been known to cause feather color changes.

In addition to causing feather color changes, some nutritional deficiencies will also affect the quality of feathers during development. Color in the feathers is due to the presence of pigments in the feathers, mainly melanins, carotenoids and porphyrins.

Melanin pigments are responsible for dull yellow, red-brown, brown and black colors. Carotenoids are obtained either directly or indirectly from plants and are responsible for some yellow, orange and red colors yellow and red-factor canaries. Porphyrins are nitrogenous pigments derived from plants and are synthesized by birds.

These are responsible for some red and green colors in touracos, for example. There are two types of colors to feathers, pigmentary colors, which we already discussed, and structural colors, which are produced by interference producing iridescent colors or from scattering of light producing non-iridescent colors. Most blue colors in birds are due to scattering. Iridescence in blue budgerigars, for example, is caused by particles scattering light in air-filled cavities within the keratin of the barbs.

lovebird changing colors

Pigmentary and structural colors are due to the combined action of pigment and structure. Most green color in birds comes from yellow carotenoids pigments combined with physical scattering of light, which combine to create green. Metabolic problems can also result in feather color changes. Stress bars on feathers are areas of dark pigmentation that are caused by a derangement of metabolism or disruption to the nutrition of a bird during the time when feathers are being formed.

They will disappear, however, when the bird next molts, as long as the condition is corrected. For example, a conure might have its head feathers dyed yellow to pass for a double yellow-headed Amazon parrot. When the bird molted the owner would be in for a surprise, as it would molt back to its original coloration.

lovebird changing colors

By: Chewy Editorial Published: March 1, By: Chewy Editorial Published: April 23, By: Chewy Editorial Published: July 27, By: Chewy Editorial Published: April 26, By: Chewy Published: June 27, By: Chewy Editorial Published: December 21, Yes, Please!

Take Our Quiz. View all in be inspired. View all in be generous. Where Colors Come From There are two types of colors to feathers, pigmentary colors, which we already discussed, and structural colors, which are produced by interference producing iridescent colors or from scattering of light producing non-iridescent colors.

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lovebird changing colors

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